Saturday, July 28, 2012


So, recently I've been emailing my host parents a lot and we've been going back and forth getting to know each other, so that it won't feel like  we're strangers when I get to Germany in September and meet them in person. What I can tell you, for certain, is that  Heike and Dieter are such kind, warm people. They always make me laugh at something when I'm reading their letters to me. And they write back almost immediately! They had sent me picture while they were hiking [they're real outdoorsy - a perfect match for me!] and Heike wrote to me about this old German folktale about this really huge, beautiful rock called the Lorelei.

It's a legend from the Rhine river valley. This rock has been coveted over for centuries and I have to admit that it drew me in too. Because of the murmuring noises it makes it was given it name: "lureln" translates to "murmuring" in the Rhine dialect and "ley" means rock. The noise that comes from the rock comes from a waterfall it contains that was once visible in the 19th century. This murmuring rock is this majestic gem that has caused many accidents as well because of it's strong current. I can't even wait to go there myself and "feel" it. It's so cool. Maybe,you aren't as excited about something like this as I am, but these are the kind of things that I'm a dork for. Those hidden parts of culture that you wouldn't know, or notice, unless you were a part of it. Oy! I can't wait! I wanna be there now!

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- janeen mcikayla


Estefanía Ainoza said...

Great pictures!! I love it!!

Janeen said...

thanks! Stay updated, I'll have a lot more soon. =D