So much in my life has changed for me, where I live, the country I'm in, the grade, and I  earned enough money to go abroad! I've been abroad in Germany for eight months now, and with two months left of my 10 month program, I'm trying to pack as much as I can into these last 8 weeks. Life's an adventure, and theres always something new and different to find, figure out and explore. Here, on this blog, i'd love to share my adventures (my discoveries!) with you. Currently, it's my year abroad in Germany. trying new foods. meeting new people. learning a new language! Who knows what'll come next? ....maybe...my last year of high school, my first years of college, my transitioning to live in California as an aspiring actress....who knows! the possibilities are endless and limitless.

Feel free to follow and comment. I'd love to hear from you. Ich freue mich schon da drauf! :)

hey, wait! i'm on the web! Send me an email at: withtlove.janeen@gmail.com , or message me on twitter: @withlove_janeen , the link is in one of the taps on the side of this page. 

with lot of love,

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