Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 THINGS...I'll miss about America [#4. the smaller luxeries]

Hello. Yesterday, my mom and my baby brother took the bus to a nearby town and we went grocery shopping. I know what you thinking, "boring, much", but i'll tell you now, a day out with them is never boring for me. I absolutely love my mom and brother and spending time with them is ALWAYS fun. My mom talks about the silliest things when she out and my brother is....well, he's a boy. We were walking down the main street and the whole time my brother was pretending to be Optimus Prime from transformers. So sweet. And then when we got to Shop Rite he wanted EVERYTHING. every toy, cool looking fruit, he grabbed it. I was talking pictures and we were all laughing and having fun and then mom says, "Janeen, I'm really gonna miss you." that's all, and i wanted to cry. I know how much she loves me and this is going to be horrible for her, that is the only thing that makes me sad about this program. Mom. I love you. Thank you for yesterday : )

- janeen mickayla

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