Saturday, August 11, 2012


bits + pieces{of our friday}

one. my neighborhood. two. sunny-side-up follow. three. 's a charm. four. bacon egg 'n' cheese. five. brand spank-in' new. six. watermelon. seven. yum.

my goodness, it's a month away. yea, it's getting really close and i  feel 'soft afraid'. hesitant some, extremely excited, and really, really nervous. but, that's enough cliche's, i am trying to cram as much into these last few weeks as I can. watermelon. mmmnnn. honestly, who doesn't love it? exactly. My my luggage came in the mail, and it was a bit like a splash of cold water in the face [an abrupt wake up call, but at the same time, refreshing]. i started packing my bags and it truly registered how much i love my family. they're everything to me, and i'm branching out in a way. it's not college, but it's a longer separation than college would cause. 
- janeen mickayla

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