Thursday, August 30, 2012


I've really surprised myself. I've always been the girl that never did anything really...daring [except maybe on stage, i.e. acting]. I feel like this is sort of coming into myself. Having the balls to do something that no one really thought was attainable. "Yeah, okay, you going to Germany for a year. Sure you are!" And it's only seven days away. I wish you could SEE my grin. My cheeks hurt!
This next school years is approaching fast. It seems as if the summer has gone by in a flash. Back to morning rituals, alarm clocks, and cold showers, right? Not for me. I just realized that I won't be going back to any familiar routines. I won'rt be starting my Junior year with the rest of my class. I'll be going to a different country. [Almost] living a different life. My hearts racing the thought. I'll blame it on the hormones. I've never been so worked up over anything...except maybe passing my written driver's test.

In other news, my luggage tags came in the mail, and...drum roll, please....I purchased my plane tickets! I'll officially be flying to the orientation site. Row 6. Window Seat. Oh my! First plane ride  E-V-E-R and I'll be flying alone. One and a half hours. Half stoked, half freaked. I've gotten some contributions on my fundraising site here that i have not collected yet, but I was able to buy my ticket due to an "in-person" sponsor. I'm so grateful, and so happy.

And so, the post-week countdown begins. 7 days. Good grief.

awkwardly, not-so-patiently waiting,
- janeen mickayla

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