Friday, October 5, 2012


( - i love the sound of crunching leaves beneath your feet - )

one thing that i can thank my incredibly confusing german school for is having an autumn holiday. as an american this is so strange, new and awesome for me and the only thing i can do is smile because it's amazingly awesome. today's the last day and i don't have school until the 22nd of this month. two weeks off. woot! woot!  i'm sorry, i had to. my host parents, because their awesome, are taking me with them to Austria! I get to cross another country off the list....but we're driving...tomorrow, and we live in düsseldorf, seven hours away by car. I'll tell you if i make it. hope your day is a great/confusing/+german?... as mine has been so far.

with love
- janeen

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