Sunday, October 7, 2012


söll. it's a beautiful little village near Innsbruck surrounded by the most gorgeous mountains. we got here a little before noon. we woke up at 4 am morgin (4 am.). i'm tired. on a more serious note, not really, i'm freaking out - it's so gorgeous. the views are like things that you see in magazines and on tumblr but you don't actually expect to see in person. it's magical. it definitely makes up for the fact my brain wants to shut down. i have no idea how my host dad is still standing. he drove the whole way, seven hours. woke up at 4 am, stayed up late watching a soccer game. (it's actually really scary. he gets really annimated).

Oh, and did you know that the language spoken in Austria is German? Okay, maybe you did, but i had no ide. when someone says that they speak austrian they mean a dialect of German. You learn something new everyday, huh?
bis gleich
- janeen mickayla

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