Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Like Düsseldorf.


this was a good sunday. something that German's really love is spazieren gehen. there's not a direct translation for spazieren (there are a lot more words in the German language) but it can be translated to go out to have fun. not a date, but an outing, short, sweet and just to enjoy. my host parents do this a lot. and, because i have possibly the best host parents, they always take me with them. this Sunday we went into town and into the aldstadt to go by the Rhine. It was so gorgeous. and the weather was great (for Deutschland), it was moderately less cold then all the other days this week :D i had so fun, and bonding with the deutsche-fam never gets old. i thinks it's one of the most important things to enjoying your exchange. making a good relationship with your host family, so you get to the point where they're not your host family anymore. they family. period.

with love
- janeen

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