Sunday, November 11, 2012


today was {vintage}

today was so precious. my host parents are back from america and she was so jet-lagged from the long plain plain ride that she needed to get out of the house. sunday was such a beautiful day here, still cold, but better than the usual weather. we went together to the flee market that was in town for the last day on the bikes. if you don't already know this, i love old things. i think that there is something so precious and delicate about things that have a history older than you, a past and somewhat of there own aura. I know, i'm janeen. I hit the jackpot actually. i spent almost nothing and i got so many beautiful things. and then after we went home, we ate the left over birthday cake and drank tee. it was a beautiful day. vintage, oder, what that word really represents to me, precious.
with love
- janeen mickayla

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