Sunday, December 23, 2012

American Chocolate-Chip Cookies Make Great Gifts.

{american chocolate-chip cookies.} made with this recipe.

because i'll be meeting so many new family members this christmas - the host fam ;) - i thought it'D be best to make something, because homemade gifts are always the best gifts. and, i don't have so much money left. haha. but, i think that happens to everyone this time of year. plus, germans haven't really tasted american cookies if they haven't been to america. Food never tastes the same as in the original country. so, these cookies are 1/2 American. an American recipe made with German ingredients, but baked with 100% concentrated love by an American.
frohe weihnachten
- janeen
p.s. ich habe echt schön gepackt, oder?

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