Monday, December 3, 2012

'Gans' gut Essen: An AFSer Review

food{'Gans' gut Essen.}

hi guys! so, it's been a long time since i've really tried a new food in here, in Germany...yeah right! please don't believe that for one second, everyday is new food when EVERYTHING tastes so different in another country. the other day, my host parents and I went out with the two friends and child for some lackeri 'Gans' essen. {Gans=Goose}. It's seasonal food and very (German) Christmasy.  and it was delicious!  don't remember the name of the restaurant, but we were in solingen. South of düsseldorf. I asked my host parents and they told me that there is not really much there. but, the town is famous for making knives. yeas, i know, it took me a little off guard to. :) but it was really interesting to me because i didn't really expect that answer. knives. ok, cool.

It was a really fancy restaurant ( so that means many plates and small servings) but, I was so full by the time everything was done. Yummy. If your every in Germany during the Christmas season, go out for some Goose, it's köslich {köslich=deicious} and usually made fresh!
with love,
ps. i know know that chocolate taste really good with salt. these came with the check :)
❄ Frohe Weihnachtzeit ❄

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