Saturday, December 1, 2012

❄ Hallo Dezember ❄

echt schön, na?
{everyday stories} ❄ Hallo Dezember ❄ 

with the first day of December Brings the introduction to my first German christmas!! i can tell you now that i'm just as excited as i am nervous. everything in germany so far has been so very differnet. no matter how small, you notice, that's a fact i've come to accept. today, though, my host mom and i made our Adventskanz, auch Deutche. i think that it turned out well. not bad for my first time. i am looking forward to seeing the differences between the German christmas and and american Christmas, because i know that everything this year is going to be something new. it's always good to keep the AFSer saying in mind, "it's not good, it's not bad, it's different!"

Also, hallo Dezember. Ich bin sehr gespont für uns der erste mal treffen werde! (i know, the grammtic is bad. i'm working on it)

große liebe,
❄ Frohe Weihnachtzeit ❄

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