Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wintermärchen Düsseldorf ❄

 {everyday stories} Wintermärchen Düsseldorf.

ok, so in Düsseldorf there is one of the most famous Weinachtmarkt's in germany. i went spazieren with the Fam, on the one sunday that it's Munich has Oktoberfest, Berlin has the wall and Düsseldorf has the T.V. tower, Rhine and Weinachtsmarkt! it's absolutely beautiful, and i'm dying to go and see it when it's actually opened, but in the word of my hungarian exchange friend, I've got four weeks. I shouldn't try and rush christmas :)
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p.s. i thought this was really important to share considering it's the symbol of Düsseldorf, the Radschläger, und im Weinachtzeit ( Christmastime) the man is holding a basket, or something - i'll ask my parents and tell you later :) - but, I was really happy that i understood, while someone who didn't live in the state or now to history would have no idea.
❄ Frohe Weinachtzeit ❄

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