Monday, February 4, 2013

A Book Lovers Düsseldorf.

i may have mentioned here once, or twice that i have this silly little fling going on with books. what i think i purposefully left out was that i have been looking (although not very hard seeing as i'd passed it millions of times and went right by - because that's something that janeen always does) ... i was looking for this lovely thingamajig, that's basically a closet/bookshelf hybrid that is always filled with new books. it works as an "open library". anyone can go and look for a book, and if they like it,they take it. they can then, bring it back and take another, or keep it and never come back, or just go and get rid of the books that they don't want. (and now, let's all take a small moment of applause for my wonderful describing skills "..." yes. you can blame it one the german. ) It's actually like a small piece of heaven for me. I scored an awesome find for my book collection! a german theater magazine from 1968. i'm almost completely sure that to most people it's just a bunch of old paper, so i'm completely not offended if you haven't fully grasped how excited i was. i'll just take a second to break this down for those who don't really understand, so that you can all properly experience the sugar-rush-high that i'm on right now. this little piece of awesomeness here, has tiny bits of all the things i love about life, packed into one. 1 ... it's old (i.e. i love old things). 2 ... it's german (apparently, i like germany- the year abroad sort of, give the suggestion, oder?). 3 ... it's about theater (future actress, right her ;D) ... and the most obvious reason, it's free. who doesn't love free things! yes.

with love

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