Saturday, July 7, 2012

PLACEMENT {prt.II} : My Host family [I can't wait to meet them!]

This is my host family! Dieter und Heike. September 7th I will fly to Germany and become a part of their family. They sent me many pictures of them and this was the very first image that I got of them. I can't even explain how badly I want to meet them. My host mom is a buyer for a fashion company! That's unbelievably perfect because i'm a bit of a dork for fashion and all things art. And my host father loves running and sports, just like I do. I was a little nervous at first when I read that I wouldn't have any host siblings, but after reading their letter I was just as excited all over again. Plus, my host mom also sent me a post card from Düsseldorf! I have never gotten a post card before so I can honestly say that I was close to hysteric in my excitement. This whole thing is so surreal. Today I finally got enough courage to send her an email, it was so hard to try and form coherent sentences when your that jittery. I really want my host mom to speak with my mother before I leave. I'm so proud of my mom for allowing me to do this. We have never really been away from each other for more that a week or so, it's going to be a bit tough, especially for her - i'm her "baby girl" forever.

Wish me luck, and home I don't implode from all my freaking out. It's a good mix of emotion, though, so don't worry too much. ;)

I'll dig up some dirt on my host school soon....Placement part III.....
- janeen mickayla

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