Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Happy fourth of July to all Americans and anyone else who likes to celebrate! This is one of my favorite holidays. Today, in my small town, there was a  sort of mutual happiness that coated the air. It was  sweet and [not to sound too corny] it felt truly American. Today I spent the morning with my family and we grilled hot dogs and fried chicken [we ate lots of American food] and I drank lot of tea....because i'm always drink tea. I spent the afternoon with my good friend: we went to my house, we walked around town -- it was SO HOT -- we went to her house, watched some American movies, [Comedy skits and X-Men] had some tacos -- not very American -- and then we walked around some more. Ice cream and movies and hot dogs and, of course, fireworks. A few block from my house my neighbors had street fireworks in their yard, which gave the night a euphoric feeling...I felt: happy to be where I was, in America, with my friends enjoying the day :) I was a very happy camper.

It may not sound extremely "American" or like I did much celebrating but, to me, it was a good fourth of July. My day was filled with laughter and smiling and enjoying life with good friends and family, which is what I believe is the best way to celebrate American Independence day.

Happy fourth of July!
- janeen mickayla

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