Saturday, September 8, 2012


bits+pieces (arrival)

one. a birds eye view of Deutschland via. plane. two. they saw me before I saw them ... and their camera is much sexier than mine. three. my first taste of a traditional german breakfast. Brötchen is delicious! four. they really like to go all out for every meal, so gorgeous.

I have never been so tired or excited in all my life.I can't really put enough emphasis on how draining two days with almost no sleep and a time change can bee but I can tell you that I now know the meaning of Jet-Lag. It was a lot of fun though, to meet all of the other students. I can imagine how the poor people in middle of the 82 students in blue AFS shirts felt when they were checking their luggage for the plane. Or the people that got stuck seated in between. :D

There was this feeling of anticipation and, of course, my shock at the fact that I actually made it! This time last year I hadn't even heard of AFS yet. And now, I'm beginning my year abroad in Germany. I don't know about you, but that sounds really, freakin' awesome to me.

I'm not spending much time on the computer her so... I 'll let you know when something interesting happens....which, for me, is everything.

-janeen mickayla
p.s. the cars here are so tiny. It's so weird! I love it!

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