Friday, September 14, 2012

BITS+PIECES {Ice cream and Castles}

bits+pieces {ice cream and castles}

one. five hundred plus meters to Swanenburg. two. gotta love the host parents :) three. and the town, so pretty. four. i scream, you scream? five. one, two, three...gastmutti, -oma, und mich! six. the best statue,  this made my day. (which was already pretty good, due to the ice cream ;})

Here are a few pictures of my day. it was great, and, i saw my first german castle! I went to meet my gast Oma for the first time and more of my new "German" family. it was really great! i really love all of the small details in these older German cities (towns would be a better word, wouldn't it?). I believe that you can, really, see the difference in what country your in and get hints to that country past from the smallest things that people don' normally notice. Like the way the buildings are built and the sturdiness of the cobblestone roads that are already centuries old. for some people, these small things are simply pointless, but for me, it's one of the most interesting things in the world. i have picture of the castle to share later. :)
bis dann,
p.s. Guck ma, bitte, wie schön! na?

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