Sunday, September 16, 2012


bits+pieces (straßenfest.)

eins. there was a street party (Straßenfest) for "Welt Kinder Tag" - World Kids Day. twei und drei. it was very cute. There was a little skit for the kids and I, of course, did some "photo machen".  vier. this guy. funf. a tie dye place set up on the street for little kids. sechs. an adorable pastry shop. sieben. yum! acht. cake. neun und zehn. unlike normal sundays in Deutschland, all the stores and shops on the street were opened. I tried some cake and they opened the factory for people to come inside. It was awesome for me! even in a factory, because its in Germany, everything is still done by hand. i love that they have family owned business that are super-succeful and have been around for centuries. elf. eine limonade, which (of course) tasted like Deutsche beer - oh, so bitter.

It was a fun day. And we rode the bikes there! That was probably the best part. Germans and bikes go together very much like Germans and beer...or dogs, but I hadn't ridden in years. The best. Hope you had a good weekend. ;D
- janeen mickayla

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