Friday, October 12, 2012


i went to the fun. concert in Cologne yesterday! still i can't hear right. my voice sound like an 80 year old smoker. worth it. THEIR SO MUCH BETTER IN PERSON! HE'S AMAZING, IT CAN'T BE DESCRIBED!

today was {fun.}

Fun. Köln. 2012

did i tell you that the day after we got home from austria we were going to a Fun. concert. my goodness! to amazing to explain in words.  i think what i can explain is why listening to a song on your ipod or the radio is not the same as hearing them live. in concert, the singer is actually their, they talk to you, you see them in their element and it feels like you become a part of the song. i could feel the emotions behind the music when i heard Nate Ruess sing in concert. he's just so amazing. it was very special for me. and i truly believe that you have to go to a concert of your favorite artist to truly get what i'm saying. i know, now for sure, that i will be a life time fan.

and an upcoming group i also also love, Walk The Moon, opened for them. they are so nice! we talked about New Jersey together. today was definitely a highlight of my time in Germany. one of many :)

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