Thursday, October 18, 2012


bits+pieces {söll-tirol, österreich}

one. Söll's first greetings to me.
twoi ate my first Austrian Früstuck(breakfast) here.
threethis was the view.
four. this is what i drank. (also Austrian)
five. this is very old.
six. this was our suite
seven. this is where i slept
eight. this was my first hike.
nine. i envied this birds wings. (Austrian hills burned my thighs)
ten. this was the best schnitzel.
eleven. this bird tried to kill me.
twelve. this was my second hike. 
thirteen. the view is worth the pain.
fourteen. and this was just too beautiful.
fifteen. i will always love the water.
sixteen. the Austrian countryside was like a relief after living in a German city.
seventeen. thank you, Österreich. i had the best time.

- janeen mickayla

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