Saturday, October 20, 2012

BITS+PIECES {Pumpkin Picking.}

bits+pieces {pumpkin picking.}

okay, so i'm extremely excited and happy that i will not have to give up putting a carved pumpkin at the door this october holiday. i was skying with my mom the other day and i had gotten so sad because i saw my brother playing with the pumpkin and i thought i wouldn't be able to do that this year. luckily, my host parents are awesome and they do this too! we went pumpkin picking today and i was beaming! we are having a little barbeque-grill-bonfire, to say goodbye to this beautiful season of warmth (it's like they know exactly what i need ;D). They went all out for this party. They even bought a hay stack. haha! but i did get to taste some really delicious kurbis waffles. yuuuumm! i think i might even give them their own post. they were so good, and covered in powdered sugar, it reminded me of home. :) So, today was a good day. Happy, fun, and full of laughter and celebration. Deutschland hasn't let me down yet.
with love
- janeen mickayla

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