Saturday, October 20, 2012


 today was {warming.}

this is a short post. sweet and short :) today was pretty sweet. the holiday break is coming to an end which, of course, is a bit sad. it felt so good to be able to sleep in and pretend (until i woke up) that i had nothing to do. (online classes don't have holidays. ) but saturday, we had a little celebration...more like, a backyard party. small, and intimate. the neighbors and us made a party of 8. food and grilling and laughter and the four year old little girl i babysat. the party was actually just because of the amazing weather we're having. it's really sunny, and there's no rain. it's like their summer, and i've been told that they had a rainy summer this year. the last grilling party that'll be had this year. it'll be too cold. this was a good saturday :)

- janeen mickayla

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