Sunday, January 27, 2013

Draw More.

 personal art :: :: 'Hr. Hollister'

Hi, everyone. how's the new year so far? to some mine up in a few words, i'd have to say, it's been very  german. i know, i have this wonderful way with words that just amazes people :) i finished my german course, so i've been speaking only german, which i'm very happy to say is not that hard. i've also been trying to actually complete my goals for 2013. i made you guys a relatively general list of the things that i will do, but i have this mini/mental (whatever) bucket list in my head that i am really going to try and get around to writing down :)

one of those lovely tasks on the list is to start and complete two new projects ever month of 2013. it's good for me, for training my self to actually see things through to the end. yeah, i'm one of those. i always have these super amazing ideas for stories and new pictures or a blog post, start out really strong and then, i don't like it anymore, or i start something else. it's also really practical for me to do, since i plan on minoring in art when i go to colledge. And...I apply next year -_- but, it okay, i really think that going to germany was a great country choice. i feel like the amount of organization and life skills that are being pounded into me from living with a german family are going to make shifting from teenage, high school life to college and semi-adult hood a lot easier. so, thanks Germany :) oh, and i'm also really hyped on how green the country is and how many ideas and inspiration i get to draw here. it's great for someone who loves art as much as me.
with love,
- janeen

p.s. i've already titled it, Hr. (Herr is the German form of Mister) Hollister. - get it? because my photo reference is a Hollister bag ;) it's not finished yet. a few days, and i'll show you the finished peace :D

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