Monday, January 7, 2013

For a History Obsession.

{for a history obsession}.

so, this christmas was pretty much, amazing. it was my first german christmas, and hopefully not the very last one that i'l have in Germany. but,of all the girfts that i've gotten from all of these amazing people here, i got this. when my host parents had went to america, they went out of there way to look for an old book on germany. i have this things with books that i thinks special. i have my kindle {that i've been separated from until i go back to american at the end of my year >:( } but, it's not the same as having a hard, solid book in your hands. i think it's the smell, or maybe just the feeling that you have something that will be here long after your gone. my host parents found this book in a vintage store that has first resources from a historian that was born and raised in the Germany that is no longer Germany around the end of the first war. i honestly think that this is one of the best christmas gifts that i could've gotten :D i thought that i should share. i, personally, can get lost when looking in the German history and culture. there's just so much, and your seeing, in a way, from another persons view. how they lived, what they did. what happened, before you happened.
with love,

p.s. i'll tell you more a little farther in ;) bis dann!

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Nicole Hedges said...

Well done to have been gutsy enough to study in a differnet country I could never do that! Lovely blog cant wait to hear more!