Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Few Resolutions.


einz. take more photos. i think that this goal for the new year will be fun. something that venturing so far from home, to another country ( another continent) has taught me is that life can be a really beautiful thing. it's just depends on how you look at it. i am now fully aware that i can never use the excuse that i have nothing to write about, nothing to say, nothing to do. because there is always something magical and amazing around, it just depends on how you look. so, if i want to be a good photographer, i need to learn how to capture it. 
zwei. speak more german. yes. this is actually a goal. i do speak lots of german. every day. but, when i'm really tired, or want to speak very fast, or forget a word, sometimes i switch to english. this year, i will try my very best not to do this. other students have said that when you can't remember the word in your host language, describe it with easier word. 
drei. be a better blogger. blogging is, most definitely, something that i love. i've loved reading fashion blogs and interesting things that other people could create in general, but i didn't really take it up (or think that i had anything worth talking about until a little before i decided that i'd be going abroad with AFS. but i have a secret *i procrastinate with posting and sometimes my intended post never go up*. sorry :/ i'm normally doing something almost everyday, but only the really big things get posted. this year, that is something i am going to work hard on changing. more detailed posts, all with a little more janeen in them :)
vier. spend less time on facebook. okay. yeah. seriously, the amount of time that i've spent on Facebook since i got to germany is rediculous. AFS told us before, specifically NOT to do this because it can send us into a home sick phase if we'Re always talking to our friends from back home. but... i don't really use it for that. i use it to talk to my german friends for free without texting :) but, nevertheless, i need to cut it down. it's getting on my host parents nerves.
funf. be more organized. this one is most definitely germany inspired. one thing that i've always knew about myself, but never really had motivation to actually get around to working on is my organization skills. from being in germany i have to say that i've honestly become a heck of a lot neater. before i had the organization and tidiness of a... well, the typical american teenager. not exactly something to bloat about. but now, i actually see what it's like to for everything some time of order. and it's a whole lot easier to find something when i put it down when it always has a specific place. it's also easier to remember where that is once it's there. i'm one of those people that can walk into a room for something and don't remember what it is i needed until i walk out :)

with love,

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