Friday, March 15, 2013


today was {sunny}

one of things that i have learned to live with here in Germany is that fact that the weather are not one of the characteristics that made me want to come here. don't misunderstand this, there the amazing culture, the unbelievably complex and anciently rugged language, (my goodness) the schnitzel, a numbers of things that make this country great, but the weather drives me nuts! one day, it's freezing cold, and the next its warm enough for the wind breaker, and then two days later, BAM! it's snowing. yes, i know, you probably don't believe that and, sadly, no i'm not exaggerating, that was literally last weeks weather. and so, i come to you now, with a hardy smile and rapidly happy fingers because, finally (endlich) we have spring weather!!! yay! 70 degrees. sun. flowers. beautiful. i almost cried. and it's been this great the entire week! and today, my host dad and i went for a walk together on the Rhine. that lovely, thriving, ancient river the runs through the city. and i just felt so ... relaxed. and happy, and i am not quite sure if i can properly explain that luxurious, arms-crossed-behind-your-head, well awaited nostalgic feeling of not have to wear you three layer snow jacket in spring time, but i'll try. all i can say is, it felt pretty darn good soaking in some well needed sun and taking in the gorgeous view i'm living by for a year.

with love,
janeen mickayla

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Mathilde Waage said...


ich habe gerade deinen Blog gefunden & ich liebe ihn einfach! :) Ich finds so schön, dass du dich entschieden hast, ein Jahr in Deutschland zu verbringen. Ich selbst war 2010/11 Austauschschülerin in den USA! :) Das beste Jahr meines Lebens..

wie gehts dir jetzt so? Schreib doch mal wieder einen neuen Post- würde mich sehr freuen ein update von dir zu hören ;).