Thursday, May 30, 2013

Berlin! Berlin! Wir Fahren Nach BERLIN!!

hi everyone! how's it going.
here, it's actually just getting exciting. With 5 weeks to go of this exchange everything feels a little like one nerve bending joy ride of ups and downs and laughter and tears. But, for the next four days i'll be in, drumroll please.....patterpatterpat....BERLIN! one of the oldest an the very biggest cities in Germany. stocked full of century old history, storyies, and past. it's a bit breath taking for me. this is one of the main reasons why i'm here ;) . i am just, super excited and, i honestly have absolutely no patience, i just want to get there. i'm not kidding, we're going by bus ( 10 HOURS ) and we're a bus full of hormonal teenagers ... end of May, start of June. if you don't get the hint, it's gonna smell. and it's gonna smell REALLY bad. so, i'll see you guys on monday, and hopefully, i'll have so real neat stories to share with you guys. 

bis dann!
with love,
- janeen

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