Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lass uns zum STRAND ☼

 today was {a beach day!}

I've lived to see the German Summer!!! Oh, sweet lord. the weather in Germany was so bad this year, i honestly thought that I would have to go back to america without actually experiencing a German Summer. It snowed on Easter, and throughout the entire spring season, so, yeah, i was really scared. and, dum da da dum! it's here. 25 grad. 77 degrees :) It was gorgeous. and, don't be fooled. it's not a beach, like on the shore. with an ocean, and never ending for miles. this is Germany. it's a lake. but a really GORGEOUS one. i never saw anything like this in America. It was lots of fun. and this memory, definitely deserves to go in the scrapbook i've kind of ignored this whole year and and rushing to fit all my pictures in. No idea how i'll get that thing home. it's getting so thick, i think it weight more that me.

with lots of foreign love,
- janeen

ps. of course we had a picnic too! steaks, salad, sausage and wursts :D

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